2019 Snacking made right report

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2019 Snacking made right report

New report by Mondelēz International highlights Cocoa Life’s 2019 progress towards achieving 2025 goals

Cathy Pieters, Global Director Cocoa Life, Mondelēz International


  • 2019 Snacking Made Right Report shows the significant progress we have made towards creating resilient and sustainable supply chains – progress that has been made possible in great part due to our Cocoa Life program.

    By the end of 2019, there were 175,017 farmers registered with Cocoa Life, on track for our commitment to reach 200,000 cocoa farmers by 2022. Furthermore, 63% cocoa volume for our chocolate brands is now sourced through Cocoa Life, which brings us even closer to our 2025 goal of 100%.

    In 2019, we also made strong progress across our three key areas of intervention.

    Making cocoa farming
    a sustainable business

    At Cocoa Life, we work on the ground with 175,017 farmers in 2,012 communities focusing on where we can make the biggest difference. Working with the men and women who make their living from cocoa, we help them become more knowledgeable and to make their farms more productive.

    We encourage the adoption of Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) in a targeted way, to help farmers prioritize the most effective actions. To date we have trained all cocoa farmers in GAP and distributed 10,809,555 cocoa seedlings across our cocoa origins, to improve farm productivity, a figure which has almost doubled since our 2017 figure of 5,753,969.

    Creating empowered communities

    At Cocoa Life we believe a sustainable cocoa supply begins with empowered cocoa farmers. We are empowering men, women and youth within cocoa communities to lead their own development and improve livelihoods through entrepreneurship. By the end of 2019, we had trained over 19,000 youth in cocoa-related enterprises to support their income. This is more than double our 2017 figure of 7,591.

    Gender equality benefits everyone. By including women and young adults in the decisions, the whole community benefits from more rounded sustainable plans and actions. At the end of 2019, we had trained 97,860 community members on gender awareness.

    Through savings and loans groups we support farming families in increasing their resilience and ability to withstand the impacts of crop seasonality and changes in weather patterns. Over the past two years, we have more than doubled the number of community members participating in Village Savings and Loan Associations (VSLAs), from 51,566 in 2017, to over 121,000 in 2019.

    Conserving and restoring forests

    Working closely together with farmers, communities and partners, we protect and restore the land and forests where cocoa is grown. Cocoa Life encourages and equips cocoa farmers and communities to protect the land where cocoa is grown, providing training on the importance of environmental protection. By 2019, the number of farmers we had trained in Good Environmental Practices was 172,285, more than double the 2017 figure of 68,163.

    Understanding where and under what conditions cocoa is produced is also vital. The most efficient way to achieve this is to map and monitor farms. We openly publish this science-based target to reduce end-to-end greenhouse emissions by 10% by 2025, compared to 2018.

    Looking ahead

    During this extremely challenging time of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are committed to doing everything we can to keep our farmers and their communities safe and as prosperous as possible. We’re supporting government-led activities, while also contributing to relief projects of our partners on the ground, with a focus on health and safety, income continuity and child protection. Read more

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